About Me

My name is Ralph and I live in the valley of the River Ribble, Lancashire, in North West England. This is a very beautiful area with the Ribble and Hodder Valleys, and the forests of Pendle and Bowland. Also the Yorkshire Dales, Cumbria and the English Lake District are close by. We are truly blessed to live here.
Although I am an enthusiastic travel and landscape photographer, I have always had a deep, unfulfilled longing to sketch and draw my world.
I am discovering that the more I draw, the more I see to draw, and each of my drawings expresses my response to a unique moment in my world.
I enjoy looking at my own work, as I am reminded of the time, place and thinking behind each drawing or sketch.
I also I love the fact that each drawing is a record of my artistic progress, hopefully showing steady advancement over time.
The images presented here cover a time span from twenty years ago, to a few days ago. My output over this time has been very sparse. I have told myself that other things are more important than pursuing my art. In a few weeks I will be 73 years old, and I am trying to give my art a higher priority. 

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