Monday, 10 February 2014

A Trip to Devon

Recently I travelled to Devon on train and bus to visit family. I decided to use the time to do some sketching, which I continued whilst I was in Devon.

On the train Clitheroe station.

On the bus between Taunton and Exeter

On the train to Totnes with the Exe estuary on the right.

Holly's desk, concept sketch.

Holly's desk as built.

Looking towards the kitchen area in the caravan.

A quick sketch of a chair before it was moved.

Waiting for the toast.

Digital sketch, Jo's wood.


  1. I love these! they are so simple and beautiful, I cant wait see more!!
    holly may xxx

    1. I am finding that putting my sketches on a blog makes them more attractive and inspires me to do more. I am hoping to inspire you and your mum to show your work to the world! xxx

  2. These look great. It is lovely to have watched them develop and then to see them present in this format. I am feeling inspired. Xxx

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  4. Thank you, I think it would be great if you began to take pictures of the things you are making, possibly leading to a web based business. It is fairly easy to set up. Make sure you take good pictures of your creations. xxx


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